Real Estate Leads

Exclusive Buyer Leads and Seller Leads for Realtors

We are experts in real estate lead generation and marketing. We provide realtors with buyer and seller leads that convert into clients. Get exclusive leads with this Done-For-You Service

Get Buyer Leads

AgentZip buyer leads have more intent and information provided than other lead sources. Our funnels when completed provide name, email, phone, zip code, bedrooms, bathrooms, pre-approval info and timeframe just to name a few

Get Seller Leads

AgentZip generates REAL seller leads. Forget home value leads. We find people that own a home and want to get information on selling their home. We ask them how much they want when they can move if there’s any issues and more

Mortgage Leads

Get purchase and refinance leads from AgentZip. We provide what we call a Mini-1003 form. We find out everything you see on our buyer leads but in addition, we ask for a credit score, Income, employment, verify no BKs, liens, etc.

Recruiting Leads

Looking to add more agents to your team or downline. We generate the highest quality recruiting leads. We tap into our network of hundreds of thousands of top real estate agents and match them to a new brokerage that provides what they need

Real Estate Leads

We are experts at agent lead generation by zip code, city, and state. Our team has mastered real estate leads down to a science. We are Facebook, Google and Affiliate Marketing Pros that know lead generation. Real estate marketing and lead gen is our passion.

Our founders have spent MILLIONS of ad dollars and worked with the BIG companies who charge you THOUSANDS, testing and trying different templates, strategies, and systems to generate exclusive leads for realtors. After trying thousands of combinations, we landed on the perfect ad copies that yield a high volume of quality leads that convert. 

Let our efforts and knowledge be your Secret Weapon

When you join AgentZip, 

Our team of professionals will do the following:

  • Manage your lead campaigns
  • Create and optimize your lead ads
  • Custom target niche buyer & seller leads
  • Geographic lead targeting by zip code, city or county
  • Spin different ads every month
  • Utilize the Facebook lead ads
  • Utilize PPC and display Google Ads
  • Re-Targeting and text + email drips
  • Partner with affiliate marketers
  • Send instant email and text notifications
  • Integrate with hundreds of systems & CRM’s
  • Buyer leads, seller leads, mortgage leads and recruitment leads are offered

More Than Real Estate Lead Generation.

We Find You Clients

Book a Demo Today

Get on a call with a lead generation and real estate technology expert and learn how today’s systems can automate your client acquisition. Focus on working with clients instead of chasing down and searching for new clients.

Lead Statistics

AgentZip Conversions

  • Average lead to engagement 52%
  • Ave buyer lead to qualification* 28%
  • Ave seller lead to qualification* 30%

Top 10% Of Agent Conversions

  • Ave lead to engagement 58%
  • Ave buyer lead to qualification* 33%
  • Ave seller lead to qualification* 36%
* Qualification is defined as a buyer/seller moving forward in the process with an agent

Lead Management  Tools + CRM

We will manage all of your Real Estate Lead Generation and Marketing needs as part of your package. If you like to create and manage Facebook ads, we also give you full access to a suite of marketing and conversion tools for your Real Estate Lead Generation

Lead Dashboard

Manage your real estate leads in one place. Set lead status. Manage your lead generation campaigns by buyer leads, seller leads, home value leads, etc. Manage the cities and zips your Leads come from

VM/SMS/Email Drips

When a lead comes in, you might not be able to call, text and email right away. Our System enables you to create VM drops, email and text campaigns that will keep you top of mind with your leads while engaging and nurturing them

Landing Page Builder

Build a home value, single property guide or other lead generation landing page right from your AgentZip Dashboard. Our simple page builder comes with templates and it’s super easy to build and deploy a Lead Gen landing page

Lead Scrubber

Get Qualified Real Estate Leads. You will receive a custom Lead Scrubber that will provide you with more in-depth information on your client. It is a form we build that will further qualify clients for you. All Scrubbed Leads will answer the following Questions:      

  • If they are Buying, Selling or Both
  • What type of property
  • Price Range
  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms optional
  • Their timeframe for hiring an Agent
  • Property Address
  • Pre-Qualification Status
  • Preferred Contact method
  • Double-Verify Name
  • Double-Verify Email
  • Double-Verify Phone Number

Real Estate Lead Generation Experts

We are your turn-key solution for real estate lead generation. We have tested thousands of ads, landing pages, keywords, targeting and found which ones perform best and yield solid leads. Let our 15+ Years of real estate lead generation expertise fill your pipeline! Our real estate lead generation provides realtors with prospects that want to see a home or sell their home.

Success Stories

I’ve been with AgentZip for 3 months and I’ve converted 4 leads and now have a substantial pipeline of clients! This platform works! Call AgentZip Now Tina Marie Biggs

Real Estate Agent, Extra Space

I Consistently close AgentZip leads because they are High Quality and I follow up with their systems and proven methods. I have received a HUGE ROI from AgentZip and I highly recommend them Steven Wener

Broker/Agent, EXP Realty

I can rely on AgentZip for an Average of 1-2 closings per month. I have been with them over a year and they keep my pipeline filled, growing and converting. Tonya Ball Rice

Realtor, Knoxville Fine Homes

See  How It Works

Video Breakdown

Lead Generation Services

Real Estate Marketing, Lead Generation and Conversion Programs

Buyer & Seller Lead Generation

Generating leads from Buyers and Sellers is not easy. We spent over 15 years perfecting this. Our turn-key system keeps leads coming in from your Zips.

Facebook Ads

Pick from a menu of Custom and Pre-Built Facebook Ads that attract the exact type of client you are looking to find.

Revive Old Leads

Send us your Old Leads and we will reach out to each one via Text, Email and Voicemail and figure out which ones are ready to Buy, Sell or Meet You.

Mortgage Leads

Exclusive and Motivated Buyer Leads and Refinance Leads for Mortgage Professionals. No Agent Required to Co-Market with but recommended.

Market Your Listings

We will run proven campaigns that showcase your listing to potential buyers. It will also reach potential sellers. Comes with a single property website too!


We offer a variety of CRM and IDX solutions from $1 a day to robust Team and Expanded options. Find the exact system that fits your CRM or Website needs.


Want to show up at the Top of Google in your Market? I know, you’ve heard that before, but consider the fact we show up above our competetion.

Recruiting Leads

Looking to add more Agents to your team, brokerage or your downline? We offer leads from Agents who are looking to move brokerages.
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Agent Profiles We provide Agents who have over 3 years of experience or 10 transactions per year, a Top Agent profile. The Buyer Leads and Seller inquiries you will generate from this directory are free. We also have HomeBam for Real Estate Agent profiles.

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We’ll Handle Your Lead Gen

Real Estate Lead Generation is an Art Form. It takes Tech Savvy, Marketing Mastery, a Creative Eye, and Engineers Mind and A variety of tips and tricks in order to become a Guru at generating leads from Buyers and Sellers. Let us use our proven Real Estate Lead Gen systems so we can save you time and bring you, clients.

What is AgentZip?

We are your turn-key solution for Real Estate lead generation. We have tested thousands of ads, landing pages, keywords, targeting and found which ones perform best and yield solid leads. Let our 15+ Years of Real Estate Lead Generation fill your pipeline! Our Real Estate Lead System provides Realtors with prospects that want to see home or sell their home. We know you are busy selling homes, so we created this system that puts a proven lead campaign on autopilot. We know it works, that’s why we guarantee a minimum amount of leads per month and do not require you be locked into a long contract. We offer some Lead Generation programs on a flexible Month-to-Month basis. We give you an easy to use dashboard where you can manage all your leads. It will integrate with most CRMs and you always get fast Email and Text notifications. If you are tech savvy, we also give you free access to a landing page builder, facebook ad templates and much more! We know Real Estate Leads. We also know Residential Real Estate because we’ve sold homes too! We offer IDX websites, Facebook Ads, Google PPC, CRM solutions, Marketing Solutions and our Lead Generation for Realtors isn’t limited to just what we provide. We can feed in your leads from all of your Real Estate Lead Sources. Our Real Estate Buyer Leads are typically just starting their search and are targeted in audiences likely to have supporting income and credit. Our Real Estate Seller Leads are homeowners that are looking to buy a bigger home, these are not Home Value ads! This is the system Agents have been waiting for

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How to Get Real Estate Seller Leads

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