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 Exclusive Leads – High Volume – High Quality – Low Cost

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Real Estate Leads for Realtors®


We set-up and create a custom Lead system that reaches homeowners and buyers in your markets

We run proven and tested Lead Campaigns in your market targeting Buyers and Sellers. 

Leads funnel in direct to you. You will get Email and Text notifications within seconds

You will get a Lead Management system that includes drips, landing page builder and much more!

How The AgentZip Lead System Works





We run PROVEN facebook Lead Ads towards Buyers and Sellers



Once they click LEARN MORE, their contact information, which is verified by Facebook (Name, Email and Phone Number) is Texted, Emailed and Sent to your CRM. Next they answer some qualifying questions through a reactive robot form in order to further qualify the lead. We call this the…..

Lead Scrubbing Bot



Leads Funnel into Your CRM

Leads Funnel into your Dashboard with Text and Email Notifications


 Facebook Lead Ads that Bring in Real Clients




We are Facebook Marketing Pros. Our Founders have spent MILLIONS of ad dollars testing and trying different templates, strategies, and systems. After trying thousands of combinations, we landed on the perfect ad copies that yield a high volume of quality leads that convert. 



When you join AgentZip, 

Our team of professionals will do the following ;

  • Manage Your Ad Campaigns
  • Optimize Your Ads
  • Spin different ads every month
  • Utilize the Facebook Lead Forms
  • Send instant Email and Text notifications
  • Integrate with hundreds of Systems & CRMs



Lead Scrubber


You will receive a custom Lead Scrubber that will provide you with more in-depth information on your client. All Scrubbed Leads will answer the following Questions:



  • If they are Buying, Selling or Both
  • What type of property
  • Price Range
  • Timeframe for hiring an Agent
  • Property Address
  • Pre-Qualification Status
  • Preferred Contact method
  • Double-Verify Name
  • Double-Verify Email
  • Double-Verify Phone Number



Marketing Tools + CRM



We will manage all of your Lead Generation needs as part of your package. If you like to create and manage facebook ads, we also give you full access to a suite of marketing and Lead Generation tools and systems. 


Facebook Lead Ads

Set Up Facebook Lead forms in 30 seconds. Get Text/Email notifications in Real-Time



Landing Page Builder

Make Custom Home Value, Single Property, Buyer Guides etc. Landing Pages in minutes. 



Email and Text Drip System

Set Up Smart Drip Campaigns that nurture your leads from prospect to client.



Custom LionDesk CRM



All Members of AgentZip will receive a custom version of LionDesk CRM so you can manage your prospects, send drip campaigns and manage your entire pipeline from contact to close.

Watch the Quick Demo Video below

Dedicated Support Team

AgentZip has a dedicated Support Team available around the clock to answer questions, offer help and advice and make sure your account is running smoothly. We also offer a Facebook Mastermind Group where you can get support and tips from other Agents, Coaches and AgentZip team members.

In 2 weeks over 150 Leads. Name, Email, Address and phone number. As of today I have 4 buyer’s pre-approved shopping homes & ready to pull the trigger. And 3 sellers ready to bring to market. Also 50 more people added to my database who ASKED me to be added. I think it’s a great success! Megan Farrell – Florida

Megan Farrel

Team Leader

Over 100 buyer Leads in about 2 weeks. From these leads we pre-approved 8 of them and are showing 6 buyers. I targeted Northridge, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Westlake Village and Woodland Hills.

It’s not that I don’t know how to do it, it’s that they save me time.

Tristan Ahumada

Team Leader, Keller Williams - LabCoatAgents

I got over 200 leads in 19 days…weeded out the bogus info and still at 174 leads…58% have valid email address…got 1 guy looking to buy around $400k…couple others that I’m slowly converting/coaching. Only stopped cause I had oral surgery and knocked me out a couple weeks but bout to start a new campaign tomorrow.

Dave Kaushagen

Agent, HomeSmart Realty West

I am getting around 50-100 leads per day now. Most of them are high quality. I go right into what type of home they want and pre-approval status. The Sellers have been pretty straight forward – they just want to find out how much we can get them.

AgentZip has been one of, if not the best lead sources we have.

Aman Sinha

ISA manager, Top Agent Connection

Simple – all-inclusive Pricing

Management, CRM, Systems and AD Spend Included in Total Price




One Zip Code - Exclusive Leads

Month-to-Month - No Contract
  • CRM + Dashboard
  • Email & Text Notifications System
  • Email & Text Drips
  • Landing Page Deployer
  • Dedicated Support Manager
  • Includes Monthly Ad Spend
  • Average 5-25 Leads
  • One-Time Set Up Fee Applies
  • LionsDesk CRM with custom drips and marketing campaigns

Seller Leads - Exclusive Leads

Month-to-Month - No Contract
  • Per City  or County
  • Lead Dashboard
  • Email & Text Notifications System
  • Email & Text Drips
  • Landing Page Deployer
  • Dedicated Support Manager
  • LionsDesk CRM w/Custom Drips
  • Includes Monthly Ad Spend

What is AgentZip?

We are your turn-key solution for Real Estate lead generation. We have tested thousands of ads, landing pages, keywords, targeting and found which ones perform best and yield solid leads. Let our 15+ Years of Real Estate Lead Generation fill your pipeline!

We know you are busy selling homes, so we created this system that puts a proven lead campaign on autopilot. We know it works, that’s why we guarantee a minimum amount of leads per month and do not require you be locked into a long contract. It’s Month-to-Month.

We give you an easy to use dashboard where you can manage all your leads. It will integrate with most CRMs and you always get fast Email and Text notifications. If you are tech savvy, we also give you free access to a landing page builder, facebook ad templates and much more!

This is the system Agents have been waiting for

Real. Motivated. Prospects.

Texted. Emailed and Synced right into Your CRM       

AgentZip inc.

“Created by Real Estate Professionals”