If you are Real Estate Agent looking for Leads or wanting to convert them at a higher rate I will go over some useful tips. The internet has changed everything. Before you might advertise in publications, mailers, billboards and bus benches – all of these are online now and much better because someone can click on a call to action and send you their information instantly.

Best Tips For Real Estate Agent

  1.  Multiple traffic sources. Zillow, Realtor, Homes, Trulia and other Portals are good since they have so much specific to Real Estate traffic, but the thing is, they are very over-saturated and leads are usually sent to multiple Agents. Also, the price per lead is often high and many of these prospects have already hired an Agent. I am not saying these are not good sources; because they are – I am saying be aware that the competition and pricing is a bit high.
  2. Facebook is very useful for leads. You can market yourself, post your properties on your fan page or in local group and yard sale type pages. Also, Facebook offers paid advertising where you can get very specific on who you are targeting. AgentZip uses facebook to generate most of our leads.
  3. Google PPC is also very powerful because you can do paid search and display ads that are specific to what a person is searching. For example, you can run a paid ad on google for the keyword search “Buy a home in San Diego” or “Find a Top Real Estate Agent” which Top Agent Connection uses to find homeowners who want to hire a great Real Estate Agent. Upnest, Homelight, and MyAgentFinder use similar search terms to find prospects to which they turn around and distribute the leads to an Agent for a Referal fee. Leads in Real Estate and Lead generation online is in your hands.
  4. Re-targeting is one of the most powerful sources for re-engaging your traffic out there. Companies like AdRoll and TopAgentLeads off re-targeting services, though it is not hard to learn on your own if you are tech savvy. You can hire a professional to do this too. Essentially in Lead Generation, Re-Targeting means you put an ad in front of someone that follows then AFTER they visit your site. Have you ever looked at a product then hours or days later seen that product in your newsfeed or on other sites? That is re-targeting! It is very useful and the cost is very low as you have already acquired that audience.
  5. Craigslist is also very useful for lead generation. You can post a property you have in the Real Estate section and perform organic and cost less Lead Generation. Craigslist is in the TOP 10 Most Trafficked Websites and it is free, so there is no reason not to utilize it!
  6. Leads right away is important! As an Agent and person, you should understand how easy it is to get distracted or move on to the next task when you are browsing the web. That’s why I recommend you ALWAYS call a lead right away! If they do not answer – TEXT THEM!
  7. Email marketing. I am sure you have a lot of Email addresses from different buyers and sellers. Whether you acquired these days ago or years ago, they are still people interested in Real Estate in your market, thus making them very valuable leads. Sign up for MailChimp or ConstantContact if you want to get a mass email sending service and put it on Auto-Pilot.
  8. Door Knocking is still Real Estate Lead Generation. If you get a listing, make sure you go to each neighbor’s house and introduce yourself. You will be surprised at how many of them end up hiring you to sell their home when that time comes. It’s old-fashioned, but it is very much so an effective way to get new seller leads.
  9. Cold Calling is still a great way to get leads. You can call FSBOs or Expireds or even just call people who live nearby a listing. If you do not like to Cold Call, hire a student  as it is very effective.
  10. Get a solid website. You need to have your own website with an IDX/MLS feed. Your Broker’s website does not count! It is very important that you have your own site and search with Lead Gen build in.

We will be posting more tips on Lead Generation, so make sure to check back as we will continously be posting new helpful tips and information!

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