3 Examples of facebook ads for real estate sellers

Generating Seller Leads from Facebook can be tricky. You have to understand that facebook ads for sellers have typically been “What’s My Home Worth” and homeowners now know that those are usually just bait. So, We have to get a little more Unique and Strategize.

Seller Ad One

AgentZip runs a few of these campaigns and more, but I will show you some of our past ads that did very well.

Home Selle

This is a Home Value Ad that has been re-strategized. People have been fooled before so let them know your ad will not be tricking them, and make sure to get them a home value! 

Seller Ad Two

Real Estate Seller Leads

Seller ad based on Selling for More

Let Home Sellers know in your facebook ad that Agents sell for 13% more than FSBO. Offer unique content or some Life Hack and watch your leads go sky high.

Seller Ad Three


Cash for Homes

Make an Ad that offers CASH FOR HOMES. Have an investor ready to make a cash offer, but reach out first and show them the value in listing their home!


Facebook ad targeting

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