Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

1. Sphere Prospecting

Sphere prospecting is reaching out to people in your sphere of influence on a schedule to find leads, usually over the phone. Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas, This is a technique that Tampa Realtor Andrew Duncan used to launch a business that earned him and his team $5.6 million GCI in 2015.

2. Free Real Estate Lead Generation Using Craigslist

This article gives you instructions and ideas to generate leads on craigslist. Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

3. Top Agent Connection

Top Agent Connection is a website that matches home buyers and sellers with a Real Estate agent. Get branded as a Top Agent and get exclusive appointments while you are at it.

4. How to create, capture, and close more Customers on Facebook

Interested in Marketing on Facebook but not sure where to start? This article explains the Facebook lead capturing process and also has links to other articles in the series that cover almost every topic related to how to generate real-estate Facebook leads.

5. Use Retargeting to Convert Anonymous Website Visitors into Leads

Retargeting or remarketing means showing ads to your website visitors after they leave your site. For example, an anonymous visitor leaves your website, then logs onto another website. The banner ad they see on Facebook will be for your real estate company. Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas continues below

6. Cold Call Expired and FSBO Listings

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas: As a professional salesperson, cold calling should be a part of your everyday routine. If it isn’t, calling For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) and Expired listings is a great place to start, After all, you already know they want to sell, they just haven’t found the right way to do it.

7. Capture Seller Leads with a Home Valuation Website

Home valuation websites offer seller leads what they want to know most: how much their home is worth. Home valuation websites offer home sellers a free home valuation in exchange for their contact information. You can add a home valuation page to your website to capture more leads as another Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas.

8. Buy Highly Targeted Facebook Ads to Reach Specific Buyers or Sellers

A technique that Bay Area Realtor Kenny Truong, voted Inman’s Most Innovative Agent 2015, swears by is Facebook advertising. It allows you to target your audience by age, income, location, and many other criteria including behavioral criteria like “likely to move”.

If you are farming a demographic along with your geographic farm, you can target your Facebook ad buys specifically to them. Facebook’s advertising platform is so powerful, you can even target your ads to people who have visited certain web sites or people or people who are likely to move.

To learn more about facebook advertising check out our in-depth Facebook advertising guide here.

9. Use a Website Builder to launch your real-estate website

Wanting to build a website for your real-estate business but not sure where to start? This article will walk you through your options and help you decide which Website builder is best for your business. AgentZIp comes with one. Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas recommends AgentZip

10. Generate Your Real Estate Leads Using Bing With a Free $50 Coupon

Bing is the second largest search engine in the world and can drive a lot of traffic to your business. Because most advertisers are focused on Google, you may also be able to acquire clients on Bing at a lower cost.

Try Bing Ads Today With a Free $50 Ads Coupon.

11. Seven Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads From Your Website

Have a real-estate website but not sure what the best way is to capture leads? This article discusses 7 of the best ways to engage customers and capture leads on your website. One great tip is to offer a content upgrade. This means offering more exclusive content like an E-Book or members area in exchange for contact information.

12. How to Optimize your Real Estate website to get more search traffic and leads

Not doing as well in search engine rankings as you would like? This how-to guide will help you optimize your site for Google and other search engines, in order to boost your traffic and lead capture.

13. Generate more Real Estate leads and boost your SEO ranking by linking your website to other sites

Wanting to drive more traffic and generate more leads on your website? If so, then you should consider partnering with other sites to get a link to your site, also known as back-linking. This articlebreaks down the process and provides you with some Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas and handy tips and tricks.

14. Using Direct Mail Marketing to Connect with Clients

Tired of marketing online? If so, you’re in luck, because direct mail marketing can be one of the best ways to connect with clients and generate more leads. This article gives a rundown of what role direct mail marketing can play in your business. Also, check out this guide for additional information.

15. Using Real Estate Postcards to stay connected and get more leads

Looking for a cheap and effective way to stay-in-touch with clients and encourage leads? Postcards might be just the thing you want. Check out this ultimate guide to real-estate postcards and learn why this throwback technique could pay big dividends for your business.

16. How to generate leads on

Wanting to get more leads from Realty websites? This article gives you 5 tips that will help you generate more leads using One great tip is to showcase your listings on and other top search sites to get more buyer leads. This differentiates your listing from the thousands of other listings.

17. Blog for Real Estate Leads

Have you ever considered blogging? If not, you should. This article walks you through the process of using a real estate blog to keep clients engaged, drive more traffic to your site,Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas and generate more leads for your business.

18. Generate local press coverage for more leads and local exposure

Wanting to do a better job of reaching potential local clients? If so, then generating more local press coverage for your business may be just what you need. This article explains how to target appropriate media sources and get exposure for your business.

19. Use your Hobbies to Get More Real Estate Leads

Who doesn’t like to have fun while they work? Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas article will give you some tips on how to generate leads by leverage common interests with potential clients and your hobbies.

20. Generate more Real Estate leads using LinkedIn

Looking to leverage your business connections to get more leads? Try LinkedIn. This guide explains how to use LinkedIn to build your business, connect with other professionals, and get more Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas.

21. Become a Redfin Partner Agent

Take advantage of Redfin’s 8 million monthly users by signing up to become a Redfin Partner Agent. As a partner agent, Redfin will send you motivated buyer and seller referrals for free. Once you close a Redfin referral, the company takes a 30% cut of the commission.

22. Become a Movoto Partner Agent

While they don’t accept everyone, Movoto has a partner agent program that is very similar to Redfin’s. There are no upfront costs to receive referrals; you only pay a percentage of the commission if the deal closes.

23. Use Instagram to market your Real Estate Firm and generate more leads

Wondering if using Instagram is good for your Realty business? This article explains how to effectively market your business on Instagram and also tells you what things to avoid.

24. Find Motivated Sellers who are Divorcing

Did you know some divorce settlements force people to sell their homes? Generating leads from people going through a divorce requires some finesse. There are many strategies here, from making friends with divorce attorneys, scouring court records for divorces or quitclaim deeds, to targeted ad campaigns. AgentROI has a CD series for $5.95 that claims to help you generate 6 divorce listings per month. Has anyone tried this program? Anything new here? Let me know us the comments.

25. Strategic Calling to generate leads and connect/reconnect with clients

Need some real-estate leads fast? If so, you should consider calling clients you have not connected with in awhile. Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas – This article talks about strategic calling and several other lead-generation methods for your business.

26. Provide unique and updated listing data to generate more leads

Wondering how to boost your online lead generation? One of the ways you can do that, is by making sure your listing content is unique and up-to-date. This article talks about listing content and several other important topics that will help you convince clients to trust you with their home buying/selling.

27. Five tools you can use to generate more leads on your blog/website

Looking to leverage your website/blog to capture more leads? This article discusses 5 different tools that you can use to increase interaction with customers and lead-generation.

28. Referrals from other Agents

For most agents, referrals from former clients, family, and friends often have the highest closing ratio of any other lead source.

Broker and Attorney Bruce Ailion, a 37 year veteran realtor who earned 450k GCI last year, has a unique source referral leads: other realtors!

“My favorite lead source is a referral from another agent.  Most Realtors come upon several people a year relocating out of the area.  I attend the state and national Realtor conference and my national RE/MAX conference.  There I meet a large number of the top agents in the country.  Only 2-3% of agents attend these events and they represent the most professional and productive in the industry.  The other place I advertise for referrals is on the Certified Residential Specialist CRS web site.  This group represent the top 2% of agents nationwide.”

29. How to Generate Real Estate Leads on Twitter

Wondering how to use Twitter effectively for your real estate business? If so, look no further. This ultimate guide gives you the information you need to use Twitter to generate leads for your Realty business.

30. Hire Your Own Local or Virtual ISA

It may take a bit more legwork, but hiring a dedicated on-site or virtual Inside Sales Agent who does nothing but prospect leads on commission can really take your team to the next level. For more information on hiring a virtual agent, click here.

31. Create a Marketing Report

Lead generation only works if you know what’s working and, more importantly, where you need to improve. Track your success and scale your efforts by creating a marketing report so you can better measure your marketing and lead gen performance.

Bob Sammi – Sharplaunch

32. Buy A Targeted Sponsored Post on Reddit

Like Facebook, Reddit has a massive amount of data about their users’ personal preferences, making ads on Reddit highly targetable. Depending on your farm area, a Reddit ad in your local subreddit can very affordable. Check out thisinterview with Reddit CEO Steve Huffman to find out why.

33. Four ways to get more online leads

Wondering what you can do to more effectively get online leads? This article will walk you through 4 different techniques you can use to encourage and capture more online leads, such as using organic search engine optimization and paid advertising to get more leads to your website.

34. Offer Free Advice on Internet Forums

Thousands of times, everyday home buyers and sellers turn to internet forums like Reddit, City Data, and StreetEasy for advice. If you can help solve their problem, they’ll see you as an honest expert and might inquire about your services. Worst case scenario? You expand your sphere of influence and sharpen your problem solving skills.

35. Start a Direct to Door Marketing Campaign with Door Hangers

Joshua Smith famously built his business from scratch to closing over 100 homes per year partly by using door hangers. The biggest benefit of door hangers over direct mail is that your leads are guaranteed to see your message. Instead of getting lost in a pile of bills, they need to take your door hanger off their door to get inside their homes.

36. Door Knocking

If there’s one thing that will build your confidence as a salesperson, it’s door knocking. It’s also a great way to build your sphere of influence in an area you want to work. If you want  to get leads from door knocking, you need a great script. Mike Ferry’s just listed script should get the job done.

37. Use A Service Like TheRedX or Intelius to Get the Correct FSBO and Expired Contact Info

Services like TheRedX and Intellius do all the hard work of digging up correct contact info for expired and FSBO listings. Sure, you can probably find all this information yourself, but is that really an effective use of your time?

Don’t have your FSBO game down yet? Check out Jeff Glover’s amazing and 100% free FSBO script.

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