5 Tips For Hiring a Real Estate ISA

1. Make Sure They Have a Basic Real Estate Understanding

When hiring an ISA, keep in mind they will be representing you and your brand. If they sound uninformed, amateur, or uneducated they will assume you are too. It is important when you hire your Real Estate ISA that you are knowledgeable in Real Estate terms. They should know the basics of Buyers, Sellers, and Transactional processes. They should know the market, the terminology, and have the skills to overcome objections.

2. Saving Money Can Cost You More Money

Your CRM, your phone, your leads, your office, your overhead….these all have costs involved. Your commissions is what pays for them. A Real Estate ISA shouldn’t be a bargain expense. A great ISA can bring you a lot of transaction; a bad ISA can cost you transactions and waste a lot of your hard earned money.

3. Be Careful of Overseas ISAs


Sure, It sounds great to have someone call your leads for $5 an hour, but you get what you pay for. They will show you recordings and put you on the phone with their best ISAs. Don’t be fooled by their call recordings and sample ISA calls.

4. Management is KEY

When you hire an ISA, make sure you have a management structure in place. You need to constantly develop these ISA’s use scripts and well-structured tasks you set for your ISA. Here are a few key things to talk about with your ISA agent:

  • Prepare scripts for each Lead Source
  • Have a sheet of objections and rebuttals
  • Also, have a bonus and reward system to incentivize leads that close

Here is a good list of Free Scripts from Tom Ferry

5. Send Test Leads to Your ISA

Yes. Spy on Your ISA. Submit leads from another number and get called as if you were a prospect. Have a friend put your ISA to the test. Whether you have an in-house ISA or you contracted an ISA. Make sure they sound great on every call.


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