How To Recruit Real Estate Agents – 5 Ways

I was recently speaking with an Agent I have worked with since I was at and we were talking about EXP Realty and recruiting Agents to add to his downline. One thing that came up is how I would approach this from a digital marketing aspect. I thought this was very useful information so I will share the strategy here. Recruiting Real Estate Agents should be something you invest in as well, free leads are rare, really good free leads in an abundance is fantasy. I want to preface that because I would expect to invest $500-2000 to accomplish this recruiting strategy.

Facebook Ads

The first strategy would be to make Facebook Ads, using the same type we do at AgentZip which is Lead Ads. I would target:

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Real Estate License
  • Inman News
  • Zillow & Trulia Premier Agent

Narrow it down so it would also match:

Also, Must Match in addition:

  • $500,000 and up (Income)

Here is the video breakdown

Google Pay Per Click

Use PPC Search Ads in your region to recruit Agents who are looking on Google. Here are some keywords:

  • What Brokerage should I hang my license at?
  • Where should i hang my real estate license?
  • Best to hang my real estate license

These get multiple searches each month, this is an excellent strategy.


Craigslist AdImage result for craigslist ad real estate

For $35 you can post a Job Ad on Craiglist to recruit Real Estate Agents for your Brokerage or Team. Write up a great ad and watch the emails and resumes flow in.

Email and Text Marketing

You can obtain a list of almost any professional, I know, it’s a double-edged sword. I get tons of spam and junk mail just because I am publicly listed so many places – but – I also get some really good emails and texts that are not solicited. You can hire a company who has a database to do this for you. It will run you around $500 per month, but, every Local Agent will know you are recruiting. Email me if you want some companies that do this: 

Call Center/ISA strategy

There are companies like UpCall that will use your script and call a list of Real Estate Agents you want to recruit and set appointments for you to interview them.

Recruiting Websites

Recruiting for companies is no different than recruiting Realtors. I think GlassDoor and ZipRecruiter offer some lead generation for hiring Agents. Also, reach out to Recruiting Agency and ask them as well.


Image result for linkedin real estate

Send Local Real Estate Agents a message on Linkedin. Ask them if they are open to meeting with you to discuss what you can offer. Here is an example:

“Hey there, I wanted to reach out because I’ve seen you have been doing a lot of transaction – which is awesome! Can we meet for Coffee this week? I want to discuss an opportunity I have for you”


Comment if you have any questions or send me an Email.



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