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How Does AgentZip Generate so Many Leads? Simple: We Reverse engineered the way Leads are Captured in Real Estate. Instead of Showing Homes, then Agents then asking for Name, Email, Phone, We show a sneak peak of homes, then we get Name, Email and Phone and Last we Show the Homes and you as the Agent! It works MUCH BETTER than the portals that make you share traffic and leads with ALL of your Local Competition.

What is AgentZip?










Lead Generation For Realtors

We use cutting-edge Marketing and Technology to generate the highest quality leads from people looking to buy or sell a home. We provide tools, resources and training to help Agents convert these leads and keep up with the always evolving tech world

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  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Lead Management CRM
  • Text and Email Drips
  • Scripts and Templates
  • Social Network for Agents
  • Support Group and Forum
  • Facebook Ads Training Courses
  • Agent Profile with ALL Reviews
  • Coaching

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Real Estate Lead Targeting

  • Looking at homes
  • Looking at Mortgage Pre-App
  • Browsing Portals
  • Higher Incomes
  • Liquid Assets
  • Behaviors:
  • Likely to move
  • Divorced
  • Job Promotion

Real Estate Facebook Ads

Lead generation online always starts with Ads that are served or organic website information – these are the same types of content regardless of if the clicks are paid or not

  • Buyers want homes not Agents
  • Sellers want to know $$$
  • Sellers want options
  • Photos and Text MATTER
  • The CTA is very important

We are experts at all of this. We save you the time learning and spending money perfecting it. We already went through that process – so you don’t have to

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Real Estate CRM

  • All of your Leads in ONE Place
  • Set Follow Ups
  • Text and Email Drips
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Notifications: SMS + Email
  • Send leads to your team
  • Send leads to your CRM



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