Real Estate Leads: Everything You Need to Know

Real Estate Leads are generated in many ways, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Homes get leads by displaying homes for sale. Systems like Commissions Inc, Boomtown, Zurple, Easy Agent Pro and others get them by using your MLS feed and Google and Facebook ads, Used by AgentZip, BoldLeads and Others use ads that get the lead before they show homes for sale. Let’s break it down however.

Lead Generation Real Estate





Real Estate Websites get Leads by showing people homes for sale. Some have force captures leads, meaning people have to leave their name, email and phone number in order to see or keep seeing homes for sale. These leads are hit or miss, some people might leave fake info, might be just curious or maybe they are already clients. The MLS feed you have as an Agent is gold however, most people who use Zillow and Realtor do not realize they can find way more homes on your website. Easy Agent Pro breaks down in this video below how you can get more leads for Real Estate by using your Real Estate Lead Generation enhanced Website.


The Portals

Zillow, Trulia, Redfin etc. Got huge because they showed people what they wanted: HOMES FOR SALE. HOME VALUES etc. Your brokerage IMO left you high and dry by not keeping up. MLS boards fired back by stopping syndication. Which is why the above is good for you. However, Real Estate Leads are generated through the portals all the time!. They have you bidding against other Agents for the top spot, impressions and zip codes – WITH YOUR LISTINGS! But, there is no doubt that Real Estate Leads are generated by the big portals. so, how do they get them?

  • Real Estate Leads come from paid and organic web traffic
  • Searching HOMES FOR SALE IN ____________ will bring up the big sites – this SEO and SEM for Real Estate
  • They Show Agents based off reviews and transactions
  • Paying Agents show up first

How to Get Lead from Real Estate Portals?

Pay money. That’s it, but make sure you have good reviews first!







  1. Zip Codes is how Zillow Sells Real Estate Lead Potetial
  2. Consumers pick who they want to hire
  3. It costs a lot – You Better Have LOTS OF REVIEWS


Facebook and Google for Real Estate Agents

It’s reverse engineered. See, people see an ad like this:







AgentZip pioneered Real Estate Lead Generation by coming up with an ad that told people: Click to see homes for sale under $——— which varied by the income of the buyer we targeted. Then with Facebook Lead Ads, which work like this:


We were able to get NAME, EMAIL and PHONE before We sent them to the Real Estate Agent’s Website. It’s Zillow in reverse and it’s Exclusive Lead Generation!



See, the thing is, with Real Estate Leads, you have to understand the intention of the buyer or seller and what they are seeing. I am sure you would love the AgentZip system, it works!


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