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Facebook Ads for Real Estate have been changing the game! Companies like Commissions Inc, Bold Leads, Easy Agent Pro, Boomtown, Zurple and more rely on Facebook Ads to get Real Estate Agents Leads. Here at AgentZip, we use Facebook Lead Ads to attract Seller Leads and Buyer Leads.  I am going to show you the ads that each of these companies run in order to get you leads!

First, I want to teach you ads, Watch this Video

Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/tO8qJ2WDCJE

So to Build Facebook Ads for Real Estate, You have to start here:

Step By Step Here is Your Guide

Step One. Create Facebook Page


Go to the top of Facebook and click on the Drop-Down and Select “Create Page”

Step Two. Select Page Type


Choose Local Business for Your Brand page and choose Cause or Community for your Marketing Page

Step Three. Upload Content


  • Choose a generic name like “San Diego Homes” or “Homes” or “Homes for Sale” etc
  • Upload a Blue Icon of a home or something Simple
  • Make sure your cover photo is of a beautiful home in your area or representative of a local style
  • Your Call to Action button AKA contact should be your Phone or Messenger
  • Your @PageName is not too important

Step Four. Create Ads


  • It will be a drop down at the same place you created a page at

Step Five. Select Lead Generation


  • Select the Option that says LEAD GENERATION or LEAD ADS
  • Name Your Campaign something unique to the ad

Step Six. Select Targeting


  • If you have an audience saved, load it here
  • Select City, Zips or Drop Pins for Geographic Targeting
  • Select the Age Range of your Audience
  • Select Gender or pick ALL – recommended: ALL
  • Keep in mind your Potential Reach, under 1,000 usually is not good
  • Lead Estimates will load, though these are often innaccurate

Step Seven. More Targeting


  • Some Good First Level Tageting: Likely to Move, First Time Home Buyer, Mortgage Online
  • Some Good 2nd Level: Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin
  • Some Good 3rd Level: Income, Assets etc

Step Eight. Budget


  • Daily Budget – No Less than $10
  • Lifetime Budget – No Less than $150
  • Make sure you double check Dates
  • Bid Strategy: Lowest Cost
  • Ad Schedule: If you pick custom times the cost will be high = Less Leads

Step Nine. Ad Creative


  • Choose Your Facebook Marketing Page
  • Select Single Image for this Ad
  • You can upload photos or use Stock Images or BOTH
  • You can use multiple photos then see later which performs best

Step Nine. Ad Creative


  • Text is the main Paragraph
  • Headline is the bold test
  • Select the Age Range of your Audience
  • News Feed Desc is the greyed out text below Headline
  • Call to Action: Choose: LEARN MORE or DOWNLOAD

Step Ten. Lead Form


  • Skip the INTRO
  • Questions: Name then Email then Phone

Step Eleven. Lead Destination


  • Put in your website link’s privacy policy or brokerage’s
  • Thank You Screen: Headline should let them know they are ready
  • Description should nudge them to click on BROWSE HOMES
  • Then click FINISH at the top right

Step Eleven. Launch Ad


  • Click CONFIRM – That’s it – You Built an Ad



Now You will have to Sync the Ad with your dashboard we provide at AgentZips.com


Chapter 1 : Building Your Fan Page for Marketing

Learn how to Build a Facebook Fan Page with the best practices that you will run Ads from. This isn’t your Personal Fan Page that brand you, this Fan Page has one purpose: Lead Generation

Chapter 2 : Creating an Ad + Targeting

Learn how to Access the back-end of Facebook where Ads are built. Also learn the type of Ads you can run and get started by Building Your First Ad and seeing the Targeting Formula that is proven to work!
  • Luxury real estate
  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • Realtor.com
  • Homes.com
  • Pre-Qualification (Mortgage)
  • First Time Home Buyer
  • Buying a House
  • Mortgage Calculator

Chapter 3 : Building Ad Creative + Lead Form

Learn how to Build a Facebook Ad with Text and Images that WIN. This Example shows you how to create the Text, Headline and Images with an Example that is proven to get a High Volume of Buyer Leads. You will also learn how to create a Lead Form


Home Exterior

Chapter 4 : Mapping Out Lead Forms

This Chapter will show you how to connect your Lead Form with your Lead Dashboard so you can get Lead Notifications Via Text and Email.
  • Must Click to Authorize Facebook Account
  • Each Page contains unique Lead Forms
  • Map Out Form According to Fields
  • “City” Field Can Have Custom Text

Chapter 5 : Facebook Pixel

Learn how to Create a Facebook Pixel for conversion and data tracking and the ability to Re-Target
  • Most sites you insert the numerical code of your Pixel
  • Sites that enable Code you insert it in the “HEAD” field of custom code
  • Pixels track traffic, site behavior and can be used for Re-Targeting

Facebook Ad Templates:

Key Mentality:



“Hey _____________________ I just got your request for the list I have of homes for sale, it’s a really big list so I was hoping I could send it over as a smaller list narrowed down to the homes that fit you best, can I ask 3 questions really quick?

  1. Perfect, What City or Zip Codes?
  2. How Many Beds, Baths and what features?
  3. Are you Pre-Approved and if not what price range are looking for?


And That’s It!

I will probably release the new templates we have using, I will send you one of them if you join my newsletter list here: https://www.agentzip.com/LearnFacebookAdsforRealtors

Darren Johnson




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