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Seller Leads

$999.00 / month

Exclusive Seller Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents. Get motivated Sellers that are interested in Selling their home. The leads are exclusive and we only allow ONE Agent per Zip Code.



Real Estate Seller Leads

These are not ‘What’s my Home Worth’ or valuation based ads. These focus on people wanting to SELL, not check up on value, equity or refinancing. This is perfect for a seasoned Listing Agent

  • Exclusive Leads
  • Marketing Spend Included
  • Lead Scrubber/Qualifier
  • Automated Email Drips
  • Automated Text Drips
  • CRM integration ready
  • Listing Appointment Calendar feature available


Market Availability

We only allow 1 Agent per Zip Code on this program. Understand that leads may come from other Zip Codes. Reason being, a person may be in one Zip Code and see the ad, but have a property in another. However, we see the Sellers are targeted from the Zip Code that you select.


In a healthy market that has over 100 sales per month, you should expect 5 – 20 Sellers


Money Back Guarantee. We guarantee you will reach 500 – 15,000 homeowners per month


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