Generating Real Estate Leads is an ever-changing and evolving industry for not just Agents but Lead Generation pros and marketing companies. The key to generating leads in 2018 is to utilize how much data Facebook, Google and Amazon have collected about people and consumers. But it goes much further beyond just marketing and getting leads from facebook for Realtors. Buyer Leads for Agents are sold by companies like Zillow, Trulia,, RedFin etc. from mostly organic traffic. But that traffic is re-sold by Facebook, Google etc. and a lotofpredictitable lead patterns are created so you can find people who to sell their home or buyers before they even become a lead.

Real Estate Leads are Not Slam Dunks

That’s the most important thing to understand, generating real estate leads requires a lot of follow up and a lot of smart systems to convert them. But, I will simply explain how can you get a jump start.

  1. Get a profile on every major directory and portal, free profiles will rank you higher and give you viability. This is very important! AgentZip for example even includes a profile on Top Agent Connection or Top Agent Directory. Real Estate Leads can come from random places, so best thing to be everywhere you can be.
  2. Get a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter profile as well, you will need the Facebook one to advertise and promote on there anyways. This again, very important
  3. Get a .com for your website. It’s 2018 and most Agents do not have their own website, that’s opening a restaurant with no signs, windows and making it underground to top it off. Visibility is so key.
  4. LinkedIn is a great way to connect and find high income clients. Make sure you have a profile on LinkedIn, because a lot of Real Estate Leads come from there!
  5. Craigslist is free community, post in all sorts of sections, nothing spammy or annoying, but get your name out there on a Top 5 trafficked website.

    Real Estate Lead Generation is not free

  6. The best sources we have found have been Facebook ads, facebook groups, affiliate marketing, google ppc, and buying old leads from other or retired Real Estate Agents.
  7. Re-Targeting. The best online businesses do it, so should you. If someone visits your website, follow them everywhere with a nice ad with your brand and face
  8. Text Messaging, use something like EZ Texting to send out monthly or weekly Hellos or updates, everyone opens texts, not email so much anymore
  9. Put up a hand written sign for Deals on Homes or Fixer Uppers. These hand written signs actually WORK! weird.
  10. Call the leads. Most leads that real estate agents get, are never called, or are called minutes or hours later. Call INSTANTLY

There you have it. 10 Real Estate Lead Tips and Hacks. Post a comment if you have any questions. AgentZip would love to help you get leads. 


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