Real Estate Marketing

How we Generate Seller Leads and Buyer Leads for Real Estate Agents

Utilize High Traffic Websites

We are Facebook and Google Partners with over 10 years experience on these paid platforms

Funnels and Surveys

We build high converting Funnels that further qualify and engage prospects for you, automatically

Text and Email Drips

Our system will continue to engage and interact with your prospects

How it Works

People who have expressed interest in Buying or Selling a home are served ads that are proven to generate leads

Facebook enables us to specifically target people that have been expressing interest in buying a home. We target by Income, Financial Health, Interests, Demographic and Interests/Websites that the prospect has been visiting. These are very targeted ads.
We have ran tens of thousands of Ads. Over the past 10 years we have dialed in EXACTLY what converts leads and dialed in the leads that convert into sales. You could run ads on your own, or hire someone, but – we make sure our results are much better and save you time + Money. $1000 spent with us goes much further than $1000 spent having someone else run your ads
We aren’t making posts to your fan page or boosting posts. We utilize and much high converting strategy called Lead Ads. These Pre-Fill in the users Name, Email and Phone which is the same info they use to login to Facebook. This technology and ad type far exceed the others in results and conversions.

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The Lead Generation Funnel

Lead Ads

These Ads Get Name, Email and Phone

The Scrubber

Further Qualifies The Leads

Drips and Follow Up

Automated Nurturing and Follow Up

Integrations and Leads


We know how to Generate Buyer and Seller Leads for Realtors

We have Real Estate Lead Generation dialed in, to a science. Generating Buyer Leads and Seller Leads on facebook begins once they click

LEARN MORE, their contact information, which is verified by Facebook (Name, Email and Phone Number) is Texted, Emailed and Sent to

your CRM. Next, they answer some qualifying questions through a reactive robot form in order to further qualify the lead. We call this


Lead Scrubbing Bot

Leads Funnel into your Dashboard with Text and Email Notifications

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