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What We Do


Send us your Old Leads

We get to work right away. We filter them by source, lead type and date and begin sending them emails, texts and re-target them on Facebook and Google.



Making Impressions

Some people respond to the first Reach we make, some take time. As they see the ads more, receive more text and emails, their interest grows.



The Leads Respond

As the leads respond, they are placed into your Hot List where we begin to funnel them through a qualification process. The Leads that are qualified are HOT. 



Old Leads = New Clients

You will now have a categorized list of your Leads. You will have Dead, Stale, Warm, Hot and Ready Leads. Now all you have to do is meet with them. 


We Build Lasting Relationships
Through Marketing

We reach out on behalf of you, your brokerage or anonymously. As the leads are engaged more and respond more, we brand you and get the client familiarized with you more. This creates a relationship with a lead you have never met, but they will feel like they know you. The leads re-targeting and re-marketed will keep seeing, keeping you top of mind.


Hot Lead Stats

Zillow Leads

Over a 1,000 Lead Average


Leads Re-Engaged and Interested

Facebook Leads

 Over a 1,000 Lead Average


Leads Re-Engaged and Interested


“AgentZip found 10 Listing Appointments in my pile of leads I had pretty much thrown away in my mind. It was Amazing. I expect to list over HALF of those!

Maggie S

“I use the AgentZip Re-Targeting program for my fresh leads and dump in all of my old leads. I get multiple closings every single month, literally every month”

Steven W

“This program is just simply amazing, where was it last year?”

Nancy A

“Think about it, your buyer leads probably bought a home by now, they are potentially sellers now. Once you understand that, then you understand how this program is probably more important than getting new leads, it's my new sphere of influence, you guys should try it”

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