Get Real Estate Seller Leads

We offer motivated Seller Leads in almost Every City and Zip Code. We have a unique approach. This isn’t just ‘What’s My Home Worth’ – AgentZip runs campaigns for people that want to Sell their Home. We offer a variety of Home Seller Options from Facebook Seller Leads to Google PPC and other unique strategies we developed with our Proprietary Software. 

Guaranteed Results

We Guarantee to reach Home Sellers and Generate Leads

Our Proven Marketing For Listings System utilizes Facebook and Google Ads with Smart Funnels that Generate High Quality Seller leads for Agents.

Custom Property Site

We will feature your Property on HomeBam. This way your property has a dedicated website with traffic and analytics data built in.

Exclusive Leads

We Generate Exclusive Seller Leads for Realtors so you won’t have to share leads. Exclusive Leads = More Closings.

Qualifying Funnels

We build a Seller funnel that further qualifies your Seller Leads. It gathers more information on their home and selling goals.

CRM and Dashboard

We include the proprietary AgentZip CRM with this package. Manage your results anytime.

Reach Seller/Buyers

These Campaigns we custom build for you will reach Homeowners who are Actively looking to Sell and Buy

Proven Reach

Our Seller Marketing has been refined and developed for years. We reach the most interested buyers online.

Win More Listings

Sellers are online. It’s a fact. We position you to stand out as the Top Listing Agent in your Market by branding you in the Funnel

Lead Notifications

The moment a buyer lead comes through, you will get a text and email + CRM integation.

Facebook gets Seller Leads

It’s been proven that Facebook Ads Convert for Sellers. The Home Value ads used to work, not so much anyone. So we Engineered a New Seller strategy that Sellers respond to. We still run some Home Value ads they but they are much different than what you have seen before. We are able to target by Demographic, Personal, Financial and other key Audiences.

Simple Set Up Process

We Build Ads + Website

Building your Seller Ads is a process you are involved in. 

You fill out a quick questionnaire that let’s us know what type of Sellers you want to generate leads for. Home Price, Income, Zip Codes etc. All come into the formula that you determine. The Ads + Funnel for Seller Leads we set up are completely custom!

Seller Ads Go Live

Within a few days your custom Ads Go Live

Your Seller Lead Campaign will be put in front of the most engaged and motivated homeowners online. On Google, we send them to Custom Landing Pages we build for you. On Facebook, You will get a lead from every Seller that clicks on your Seller Ad.

Win More Listings

We want you to Get A LOT of Listings. Your Success is Ours. 

Our Seller Lead Campaigns are focused on You getting More Listings and Closing More Transactions. Our Goal is for you to become or remain the Top Listing Agent in your Market.


Dual Transaction

My first transactions from AgentZip seller leads was a dual tansaction. They Sold for over $600k and Bought for almost $1 Million. Talk about an ROI for $999,.
Steven Wener, EXP Realty


Frequently Asked Questions

We know how important it is for your listing to be presented right, generate interest and most important; Get Sold. Here are some answers to your questions.

Do You Guarantee Leads?

Most of our programs do, however, some Zip Codes have limited inventory or population. Guarantee varies by City or Zip Code.

What if I have no experience with ads?

That’s what we are here for! We handle ALL of the ad creation, funnel building, website building so you can focus on Listing Homes and working Seller Leads from us.

How Many Leads on Average

Our national averages show that for each $999 Tier, We are able to generate an Average of 5-15 Motivated Sellers. Name, Email and Phone included. Around 40% will complete the extended funnel.

Can you send leads to my CRM

Yes, we have integrations with almost every CRM. We also have a Zapier integration as well. We want to make sure leads go into your follow up and CRM.

1 on 1 Consulting and Design

Each Agent who joins this Listing Marketing Program will get access to our team of Web Designers and Marketers for One on One Support

We Handle the Tech

You do not need to know anything about tech, marketing, design or websties. This Turn-Key program handles it all for you!

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