Sellers and Buyers Search

Will they find you is the question? You can pay tens of thousands per month to Zillow, Trulia or even AgentZip. You should also consider a long-term strategy that pays for itself 1000x over time! AgentZip invests a lot of time in making sure Agents can find us on Google and we know that Real Estate Agents should be doing the same!

Let our Personal SEO and PPC team get you ranking at the Top of Google, Bing and Yahoo for the keywords that local Buyers and Sellers are typing in.

SEO or PPC ?

PPC provides Immediate results and enables you to switch or pivot to different keywords. You can be the top result on Paid for “Listing Agent in San Diego” instantly with PPC. With SEO you can be the Top Organic result but it takes some time. Both are great options, that is why we recommend both.

The Strategy

We analyze the search keywords that local Buyers and Sellers are searching. We match these with your goals and what you are looking to attract. 

  • Are you looking to find specific types of clients?
  • Is the keyword you want possible to rank #1-10 for?
  • How many people are looking up this keyword
  • Is your website optimized for SEO or the keywords you want?
  • Do we need to build new pages or landing page websites.

We Handle It All

The strategy and data behind this all is very complex, but we make it very simple for you. Just tell us who you are trying to reach or what Keywords you want and we will create a custom proposal.


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