So, you’re looking to make organic growth in your real estate online lead game. Meaning you want more people to visit your social media, you want your website to get more traffic and convert leads for you. Why would you get involved with a real estate lead generation company like AgentZip? It’s pretty simple, actually, and you have to think long term.

If you wanted to grow those platforms organically, you’re going to have a lot to learn. Spending plenty of time and energy, maybe you go to some classes or seminars; or maybe you hire out that task. If you hire it out, we can agree that the outcome won’t be as quality because that paid hand isn’t going to do it with the heart and passion that you would, since it’s your real estate business. If you commit to doing it yourself, from the information you gather, you might implement 10-20% of those things right away, and you’ll have your ebbs and flows.

Well, in the meantime, what are you doing to generate leads?

AgentZip is a well rounded, multifaceted, marketing research company, and we teach what we know works. We are constantly innovating to learn new marketing techniques, to not only give you exceptional leads, but a service that never settles, and never stops growing. We are committed to being the most innovative lead generation company on the planet. When you become part of the Agent Zip family, we all win.

Monetizing the leads is the easy part. What most don’t realize, is how much is really on the back end of generating those. We do more than generate leads, the leads are a byproduct of our primary goal – innovating new market techniques. So, by signing up with us, you’re literally funding your own market research and development into getting you the best leads out there. We really dedicate our energy and profit into research and development for lead generation. Every time you get a lead, we get better at generating them.

Not only that, but we strive to bring value wherever we go. So, we will teach you what we’ve mastered so that you can be successful. Why would we want to share how we make our money, and do what we do? Well, since we innovate faster than lightning, we don’t mind sharing our “secrets” with our AgentZip family. We believe there’s no such thing as secrets anyways. As soon as someone solves a problem or makes a breakthrough, more likely than not, it will be on Youtube in the next 90 days. It’s also common knowledge that very few people are action takers. So, ultimately we don’t feel any danger or pressure from giving out those “secrets”. Lastly, we are teaching you the stuff we know works, and we’re already moving past it.

When you join Agent Zip, you get access to our Mastermind Facebook group, our trainings, and our intel. We are growing at such a rapid pace, we have new tricks and techniques we implement every three to six months. What have been doing in the past three to six months? Putting up our own capital, putting it at risk, to figure out the latest and greatest techniques for generating online leads. Don’t worry, you’re not behind the curve, we’re just ahead of the game. Why are not teaching that? We still have to ensure that those techniques are fool proof, because we only want to set you up for success; leave the trial and error to us.

In the next three to six months, we’ll be rolling out new products, along with new tips and tricks for you to take advantage of.

We provide the most exclusive, motivated, and convertible leads out there. Your investment really comes full circle. You are investing in your immediate business, by investing in us and our leads; but by investing in us, you’re investing back into your business long-term, because you’re funding the research to make those leads even better in the future. There is no downside to joining the AgentZip family. You get more leads, more deals, more closings, and the party never ends. AgentZip is the lead machine you need, because we’re committed to more than just leads.

So, you want to know the truth about AgentZip? It’s accurate that we provide the best leads. But the truth is: Agent Zip is so much more than a lead generation company. We are a research and development company for lead generation, and push the envelope for the lead generation industry as a whole, and that’s what makes us different. Our dedication to our craft never ends. We never stop growing, innovating, and sharing. Come see what we’re all about, by checking out our website, filling out the form, and one of our fantastic sales reps can school you a little bit more about what we do here, and why we’re the best.

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